Art Requests - What's what and what's not

I like to do art requests for fun, so if you want to request something, go for it! I don't charge for it or anything, but at the same time I won't take too many at once.
What You Can't Request
-NSFW. This site is intended for all people, which includes young/sensitive users.
-Large Animations. I'll occasionally do an animation loop, but nothing over 10 seconds.
-Line Art for everyone. I make art only for the intended user, not free-use art for everyone. I will make line art myself, you don't need to request it.
-Photography. I like to draw everything myself rather than use photos and edit them. However, I may use a photographic background every once in a while.
-A Series of Drawings. It'll take up too much time and I won't be able to get to other requests.
What You Can Request
-Digital Drawings. 
-Traditional Drawings, with a medium of your choice (No Acryllic or Oil paints, however)
-Short animation loops--but like I stated before, it can't be over 10 seconds.
-Icons/Profile Pictures. Chances of getting an animated profile picture are really low, but if I'm free, I might be generous enough to do an animated icon.
Request Count
I do not take more than 3 requests at a time. However, feel free to request anyway, if all slots are full, you will be put on hold.
If I feel the need to go on a hiatus, all pending requests will be wiped. So be sure to request after all hiatuses are over if you're still interested. 
Art Types
-I usually do cartoon/anime drawings. Occasionally I'll do realistic, but be warned: It will take a LONG time.
-I do figure drawings such as animals and humans. I also do nature drawings and occasionally object drawings.
-For figurative drawings, I will do either head shots or full body shots.
How To Request
-You can send me your requests over my media(see media for information). I'd recommend you post all requests on either YouTube or Twitter because I've got a better chance of seeing those. 
-Tell me specifically what you'd like me to draw. If you want me to draw a specific person/character, PLEASE send a reference!
-Your request will be done ONLY if I reply to your post. So do not expect me to do so if I have not replied!

That'll be all! Have fun requesting!